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BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester
3 May 2023

For the third time, I talked to BBC local radio about the new Voter ID law, and what it might mean at tomorrow's local elections. It was a good chat with BBC Hereford and Worcester, especially in the complexities of who'll miss out on voting and how we won't know. 

BBC Radio Sheffield
31 March 2023

For the second time, I was on BBC Sheffield talking about the voter ID reforms. This time, my view that a lot of people would be left disenfranchised as a result was rather more accepted as the story gained traction. 

BBC Radio Sheffield
23 March 2023

I spoke to BBC Radio Sheffield about Boris Johnson's appearance before the Parliamentary Privileges Committee, and how it was all a rather sad spectacle. 

Hallam FM
14 February 2023

I spoke to Hallam FM about Jeremey Hunt's upcoming budget, the expected changes in fuel cost support, added action on childcare, and the freezing of petrol duty. Clips were played on the radio, and you can read more of my thoughts here.

BBC Sheffield
13 January 2023

The new Voter ID law comes into play this year. I spoke to Toby Foster on the breakfast show about the impact this will have, how it's a terrible introduction from US democracy, and how millions don't have the right form of ID. 

Toronto Star
31 December 2022

A Canadian charity has switched to using AI-generated images in its advertising, in order to avoid the 'poverty porn' dilemma of using actors or real beneficiaries. I talked to Kevin Maimann about the ethics of this, and how it solves only half the problem. Read more here

BBC Sheffield
30 December 2022

We wrapped up the political year on BBC Breakfast this morning - I spoke to Howie Pressman about 'partygate', the Liz Truss interregnum, Rishi's rise, and where we are at the end of the year, as we move closer to an election. 

14 November 2022

Matt Hancock, former Health Secretary and all-round desperate glutton for punishment, has entered the I'm a Celebrity jungle for some (quite sad) rehabilitation. I was quoted in the METRO newspaper, which you can read here

Stylist magazine
24 October 2022

Stylist magazine's Leah Sinclair asked me about where trust in politics is going after the chaos of recent months, particularly around Liz Truss' failed premiership. You can read the article here and a blog on my full thoughts here.  

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